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广东省深圳市2015届高考英语二轮复习 阅读理解 2013年高考真题研练课件

广东省深圳市2015届高考英语二轮复习 阅读理解 2013年高度真题研练课件

2015年高考英语二轮名校精讲精练讲义 专题 完形填空(2013新题)赏析

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完形填空2013新题赏析 根据上文的语境及词义辨析推断 根据句内及上下文的语境 根据句内语境及生活常识推断 利用下文原词复现解题 根据语法现象推断 新题好文 We have been driving in fog all morning, but the fog is lifting now. The little seaside villages are 36 , one by one. “There is my grandmother’s house,” I say, 37 across the bay to a shabby old house. I am in Nova Scotia on a pilgrimage (朝圣) with Lisa, my grand daughter, seeking roots for her, retracing (追溯) 38 memory for me. Lisa was one of the mobile children, 39 from house to house in childhood. She longs for a sense of 40 , and so we have come to Nova Scotia where my husband and I were born and where our ancestors 41 for 200 years. We soon 42 by the house and I tell her what it was like here, the memories 43 back, swift as the tide (潮水).Suddenly, I long to walk again in the 44 where I was once so gloriously a child. It still 45 a member of the family, but has not been lived in for a while. We cannot go into the house, but I can still walk 46 the rooms in memory. Here, my mother 47 in her bedroom window and wrote in her diary. I can still see the enthusiastic family 48 into and out of the house. I could never have enough of being 49 them. However, that was long after those childhood days. Lisa 50 attentively as I talk and then says, “So this is where I 51 ; where I belong.” She has 52 her roots. To know where I come from is one of the great longings of the human 53 . To be rooted is “to have an origin”. We need 54 origin. Looking backward, we discover what is unique in us; learn the 55 of “I”. We must all go home again—in reality or memory. 36. A. appearing B. moving C. exposing D. expanding 37. A. referring B. travelling C. pointing D. coming 38. A. shared B. short C. fresh D. treasured 39. A. passed B. raised C. moved D. sent 40. A. home B. duty C. reality D. relief 41. A. built B. lived C. remained D. explored 42. A. catch up B. pull up C. step down D. come down 43. A. falling

短文改错2013新题赏析 题一: 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处,每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:把缺词处加一个漏符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意: 1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。 The book I’m reading of talks about afternoon tea in Britain. It is said to have started in the early 1800’s. Have tea in the late afternoon provides a bridge between lunch and dinner, that might not be served until 8 o’clock at night. This custom soon becomes another meal of day. Interesting, it had a connection by the British porcelain(瓷器) industry. Tea in China was traditionally drank from cups without handles. When tea got popular in Britain, there was a crying need for good cup with handles to suit British habits. This made for the grow in the porcelain industry. “短文改错”题中的常见错误类型: 一、名词 名词方面的错误多指名词单复数形式的误用,可数名词与不可数名词的错误,名词所有格中“‘s”的误置等。 He had no ideas that the kitchen was not for guests. 二、动词的错误 动词错误在短文改错中所占比重最大,它所涉及的错误包括动词的时态、语态错误;易混动词的用法错误;动词的第三人称单数错误;动词的非谓语形式,以及动词的句型搭配错误等。在改错题中,动词方面的考查比例较大。 1. The air keeps the balloon up was escaping quickly and the balloon ... 三、形容词、副词的错误 这类错误多指误用形容词修饰形容词,误用副词修饰名词,误用形容词修饰动词,误用形容词或副词的原级、比较级和最高级以及误用带-ly的副词与不带-ly的副词等,特别注意根据上下文该用比较级而未用的“暗中比较”。 1. They came back lately and had some tea. 2. Last year, my English teacher proved to be the more popular in our school. 四、连词的错误 短文改错中出现连词就要判断连词用的是否正确,是否符合句子意思;连接的是词还是句子,是否符合逻辑关系。此外如果是平行结构就要注意前后时态、语态、词性一致问题平行结构常借助与并列连词and, or, but, not only.. but also..,…not…but…, either…or…, neither…nor…, as well as等,though不与but连

2015年高考英语二轮名校精讲精练讲义 专题 阅读理解(2013新题)赏析

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阅读理解2013新题赏析之新题型 阅读表达 阅读下面短文,并按照题目要求用英语回答(请注意问题后词数要求)。 A nurse of 78 this weekend celebrates 60 years of walking the wards-and she has no plans to retire. Jackie Reid was 18 when she started work in 1953- when the National Health Service (NHS) was just five years old - and is believed to be the oldest nurse in Britain. The diabetes(糖尿病) specialist had to retire at 65 but returned as a nurse within two weeks and still does up to four seven-and-a-half hour shifts(轮班)each week. Mrs. Reid said: “Nursing is hard if you do it correctly but I love my job.” Working for the NHS has been my life. I have no other hobbies because I have worked all my life. Jackie has worked at a number of different hospitals--including one in Scotland. Her specialist field has been diabetes for the past 40 years. She retrained after her 12-year-old daughter Michelle developed the disease. She currently works at Southend Over the last 60 years she has treated tens of thousands of patients. Jackie believes nursing should be protected from government cuts. She said: “There’re lots of things I would say to the government. If you are going to get good care you have to have the resources(资源), you can’t do it without enough money. They shouldn’t need the cuts that there are in the NHS. It’s hard now because there’s a shortage of staff.” Jackie has lived alone in Grays, Essex, since her husband died three years ago. The couple have two daughters Michelle, 50, and Karen, 54. Jackie added: “My youngest daughter worried about me-she doesn’t think I should work as much as I do. I constantly say ‘don’t worry about me, I’m fine’, but she never believes me. I don’t like the thought of giving it up and will try to keep going forever.” 56. In which year was the NHS set up? (within 2 words) ___________

山东省青岛市第二中学2013届高三(新课标历史必修三)二轮专题卷(含解析):专题1 中国传统文化主流思想的演变 专题训练 一、选择题 1.最能体现“文化治国百代之业”的是 A.秦始皇焚书坑儒 B.汉武帝独尊儒术 C.唐太宗虚心纳涑 D.成太祖大兴文字狱 2.(2011年11月南京师大附中高三期中1题)江都(今扬州)王刘非是汉武帝的同父异母兄,骄横好胜。汉武帝为教育、引导刘非,任命董仲舒为江都相。根据所学知识,你认为董仲舒用以引导刘非的学说主要是( ) A.“我无为,而民自化;我好静,而民自正;我无事,而民自富;我无欲,而民自朴” B.“明主之国,无书简之文,以法为教,无先王之语,以吏为师” C.“天子受命于天,天下受命于天子” D.“天理存则人欲亡,人欲胜则天理灭” 3

山东省青岛市第二中学2013届高三(新课标历史必修一)二轮专题卷(含解析):专题1 古代中国的政治制度 专题训练 一、选择题 1.(2012.5高考北京二模12)下图是北京广安门桥北的蓟城纪念柱。《礼记》载:“武王克殷反商,未及下车,而封黄帝之后于蓟。”与蓟城建立相关的制度是( ) A.禅让制 B.井田制 C.分封制 D.郡县制 2.(2011年10月吉安市三校联考6题)据《南台备要》记载:“江浙省……调兵剿捕之际,行省官凡有轻重事物,若是一一咨禀,诚恐缓不及事。……(如今)凡有调遣军情重视及创动管钱,不须咨禀,……交他每(们)从便区处。”这段材料可以反映出元代的江浙行省

山东省青岛市第二中学2013届高三(新课标历史必修二)二轮专题卷(含解析):专题1 古代中国经济的基本结构与特点 专题训练 一、选择题 1.(2012年3月泉州市质检24题)《史记•河渠书》载:“蜀守冰凿离碓,辟沫水之害,穿二江成都之中。此渠皆可行舟,有余则用灌浸,百姓飨其利。”材料体现该水利工程的功能不包括( ) A.航行 B.灌溉 C.军事 D.排洪 2.(2011年11月北京西城区高三期中9题) 西汉时期发明的同时具有翻土、开沟和起垄功能的工具是

山东省青岛市第二中学2013届高三(新课标历史必修一)二轮专题卷(含解析):专题2 列强侵略与中国人民的反抗斗争 专题训练 一、选择题 1.日本右翼势力认为: “在支那事变(指1937-1945年日本侵华战争)发展的过程中,日军……并没有掠夺领土的性质。最重要的是,日本方面并没有掠夺领土的意图。”下列各项有力驳斥了以上言论的是( ) ①“九一八事变”后,侵占东北为殖民地 ②通过《马关条约》割占台湾 ③全面侵华战争期间占领华北.华中和华南大片领土 ④进行南京大屠杀 A.①② B.③④ C.①②③ D.①②③④ 2.下图是外国侵略者在洗劫并焚毁圆明园时掠夺的文物的照片。法国佳士得公司于2009年2月25日将这两件文物公开拍卖,引起中国人民的愤慨。该文物被掠夺时在位的清朝皇帝是( )

山东省青岛市第二中学2013届高三(新课标历史必修三)二轮专题卷(含解析):专题2 古代中国的科学技术与文学艺术 专题训练 一、选择题 1.(2011年4月天津河西区一模3题)培根指出:“印刷术、火药、指南针曾改变了整个世界,变化如此之大,以致没有一个帝国,没有一个教派,没有一个赫赫有名的人物,能比这三种发明在人类事业中产生更大的力量和影响。”这里所说的“影响”主要是指( ) A. 促进了欧洲社会制度的转型 B. 奠定了中国古代文明古国的地位 C. 推动了欧洲工业革命的发展 D. 打破了世界各地彼此隔绝的状态 2.文人画集文学、书法、绘画及篆刻艺术为一体,强调表现个性,讲究借物抒情,追求神韵意趣,作为一种艺术形式,在中国绘画史上占有重要地位。下列各项中,属于文人画的是 3.(2011年海南会考4题)在我国文学史上,还没有一部作品能把爱情的悲剧写得像它那样激动人心,也没有一部作品能像它那样把爱情悲剧的社会根源提示得如此全面、深刻。该作品是 A.《在国演义》 B.《水浒传》 C.《西游记》 D.《红楼梦》 4.(2011年4月安徽江南十校14题)2011年春节联欢晚会上,著名歌手周杰伦深情演唱了一曲《兰亭序》。下列有关中国古代书法艺术的叙述不正确的是 A.《兰亭序》阼者王羲之草、楷、行各体皆精 B.中国书法史上有“秦篆”、“汉隶”、“唐楷”之说 C.柳公权的《祭侄文稿》被称为天下第二行书 D.张旭、怀素之狂草别具艺术魅力 5.(2010年春季北京会考38题)中国古代四大发明对欧洲近代社会产生重要影响。其中“替宗教改革开路,并使推广民众教育成为可能”的是 A. 指南针与印刷术 B. 造纸术与火药 C. 火药与指南针 D. 印刷术与造纸术 6.(2010年9月福建四地六校高二月考20题) 右图是1930年在甘肃北部居延的烽燧遗址中出土的《汉代木简》。它记录了

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